10 Things Executives Must Know to Grow Their Career

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

Some people excel and grow in their professional life sooner, some later, and some never. As we live in a fast and growing corporate world, we need to have a heads up about the opportunities around us, which undoubtedly are numerous.

But the actual task is to figure out what you want at the end. Choosing the right career path is very important in our materialistic world, and this is where I come in – to give you career growth tips aligned with your private life ambitions.



Completing the assigned tasks or managing a team of people isn’t enough to accelerate your career. You need to be visible about the skills and work you have done so far.

In addition, having a well-versed conversation with your mentor or superiors and understanding your personal growth goals helps you make better decisions on going beyond the limiting title of ‘executive’.

Career acceleration doesn’t necessarily have to be a promotion at the same company. It can be a change of job, career switch, or even investing in something brand new! Below are the ten exclusive things I share with my coachees; this is all you need to know to grow from where you are currently and find your path to career advancement.


1. Reconsider your current status in life

When do you consider the idea of a change in your life? Have you ever thought about it? (Or “How can you change if you don´t understand yourself and exactly where you are” 

After achieving a specific goal you set in the past, you start noticing patterns in your life, crave something new, you desire to change. You begin considering new evolutions and possibilities.

Evaluate why that need occurred. Evaluate your current status and what is the following ideal scenario. To do that, you must first find out:-

·   What are your current obstacles and baggage?

·   What are your future aspirations?

·   What are the initial steps you can take to bring that change?

It would be much more impactful if you could chalk it out. After penning down your thoughts into words, you will be able to think more clearly and will be able to formulate a road map.

Now consider your potential for professional growth. Having truckloads of experience makes it easy for you to differentiate the sectors you wish to grow in further. Just an action is needed.


2. Identify what motivates you to perform at your best

It is a common understanding that everyone has a motivation. Something that drives you to wake up every morning and work towards your goal.

You also have one. It can be money, recognition, respect, or other underlying motives. Identify what your primary one is. Ask yourself questions like, “Why do I do what I do?” “Why will I take chances” and “when do I feel at my best?”

Once you conclude the factor(s) that push you to prove the best, keep it parallel with your passion and what you want to achieve for your better interest. This strategy helps you declutter your thoughts and work towards your career growth in a clear aspect.


3. Assess your code of behavior

Let’s do this little exercise.

Recall one good thing and one bad thing that happened to you this year. Now be honest to yourself, how did you react in that situation?  

What was your initial response? 

How did you deal with your worst crisis, and how did you make the best of your highs? 

Do you see a pattern there? Reflect on it, learn from what you did wrong and how you might have done it differently.

Assessing such situations helps you determine the characteristics needed to develop the best version of yourself.

Let go of all the barriers that stop you from your personal or professional growth


4. Defining yourself through SWOT

Working in a corporation, you know that SWOT analysis is a common practice. on a company level.

How about using it on a personal level? In doing so it helps you factor in things you can control and make a roadmap accordingly.

You need to make significant clearances about your strengths and weaknesses and figure out the factor that drives you to achieve the most.

Figure out how you can use the factors that you can control (i.e. Strengths and weaknesses) to tackle future challenges (threats) and take advantage of any opportunities that might come your way.


5. Keep your eventual aim in mind

Have you been following the same hectic routine for years and still unable to make out what you need eventually? 

Make an accurate priority list. Keep the personal and professional priorities separately.

The chances of fulfilling your professional goal depend on where you are in your journey. Identity at what phase of your life because as you age, you start to become more rigid in your ideas and perspectives, stop reflecting, and when you do that, you stop growing. 

Once you have examined that, assess your potential for personal growth.

Seek opportunities and grab one when you can, take more accountability, be grateful, and ultimately reflect.


6.  Keep upskilling and reinvent yourself

What do you understand by the term reinvent? Some people believe that to reinvent yourself, you need to bring in some drastic changes, which is not valid.

Reinventing yourself starts with identifying where the change is required. Once you habituate yourself to a particular lifestyle, you avoid changes even if you know this is not something that aligns with your ideal scenario.

While reinventing yourself is not so easy, you can start by talking to your idols. People who have that ideal lifestyle you are aiming for. Conversing with such people can inspire you in more than one way.

On the professional front, keep upskilling and investing in courses and learnings that will yield you the best possible profit in the coming future. 

Build your skillset to help you open several other career paths. There is no full stop to growing and upskilling in terms of mindset.


7. Recognize your unique differences

Do you have an answer to “how do I differ from others?”

You can’t make your career outshine if you are another one from the crowd. You need to figure out what makes you stand out.

You need to be peculiar about your strengths and qualities, which have created a significant difference/recognition at work.

Get in touch with your subordinates/colleagues and collect mutual feedback for yourself. Additionally, compare your performing ability to others and conclude how you can help grow the organization efficiently.

8. Be an asset to people around you!

Are you approachable?

Do people come up to you to clear their doubts or take your advice on anything? If yes, you are on a great path.

Whilst attempting to accelerate your career, ensure that you are a resource to everyone around you.

When you are with other people, you come across different opinions and mindsets, which eventually helps you grow and diversify.

As long as you have leadership qualities and direction for your team, you are on the path to career growth.

9. Your safety net

Survival is the primal instinct in any human being. We plan ahead of time.

Remember how during the inception of the pandemic. A lot of people hoarded the ration supplies when the lockdown was announced? That is normal.

All your lifetime, you have had a backup. A plan B.  Something you can rely on when you exhaust your other options. It is your next best alternative. 

Keep your alternative safe in a competitive economy when opportunities are snatched as soon as they are located. Devise it so that it is free from any consequences of external factors. 

Remember, it is not your ideal situation; keep finding better ones as you find new opportunities.

10. Invest in your Personal Brand

I know very well that it takes a lot of sacrifices to climb up the corporate ladder. You spent more than a decade working for someone else to obtain that ideal and respectable lifestyle.

But in this age, people value Personal Brand more than a title. In climbing that ladder, we forget to develop our Personal Brand, and you might only be restricted to your past job experience. As much recognition and visibility as you have gained in your office, It is equally important to build your image stronger on social media.

Especially after the troublesome pandemic, presence on social media has made its importance known. Therefore, to thrive hard and stay ahead of the competition, you must build your brand on the media.

It not only helps you to grow your network or knowledge, but it eventually brings you business. And by the same means, you can further accelerate your career.

The primary goal should be to improve oneself and one’s performance. You should commit to a professional to learn and advance your career, thus guaranteeing advancement.

Moreover, surround yourself with people who are “can-do.” The people you associate with can have a significant impact on your success. It can either increase your chances of success or boost your ambition and creativity.

What you think about becomes who you are. A positive attitude and a thought process focused on success will undoubtedly help you get there.

To sum up, if you think you are at the step where you are ready to climb the ladder in your career and move forward from what you are currently doing, the above 10 things can be treated like a checklist and you are ready to take a big jump in your career.  

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